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    Moving Supplies

    Moving always goes easier when you have the proper supplies for the job. Here are some of the more important tools and materials you will need for your move.

      Packing tools

    • Boxes

      Boxes come in all shapes and sizes, and are the ideal way to store and transport your possessions. In general, the bigger the box, the lighter the items you want to put in it. Larger boxes are great for blankets and comforters, while smaller boxes work better for heavier things like books.


    • Shipping tape with tape gun

      This will keep everything together, so make sure you get tape designed to meet shipping requirements. A tape gun makes taping up your boxes much faster and easier, making it an invaluable addition to your moving supplies.


    • Newspaper

      Newspaper is an inexpensive material you can use to wrap your fragile items. Boxes are shuffled around quite a bit even during a short move. You will thank yourself for using newspaper later when you unpack and find your dishes unbroken.


    • Plastic wrap

      You can purchase plastic wrap in small rolls like you use in your kitchen, or in much larger rolls capable of wrapping entire pieces of furniture. Plastic wrap is useful for keeping small items in place in drawers, jewelry on jewelry wracks and for keeping things clean during a move.


    • Gloves

      Moving can be hard on the hands, especially if you are picking up heavy furniture or metal items. Gloves will protect your skin from nicks and abrasions, as well as unpleasant things like insects or spiders.


    • Blankets

      Blankets are useful for protecting many different things. They can be placed on the floor of the moving truck to make sliding furniture in and out easier, and you can use them to protect valuable items from dings and scratches. You can also place them between fragile picture frames or mirrors to prevent breakage.


    • Scissors

      Scissors are good for cutting tape or other attachments. Knives also work for this, but scissors are generally safer to use and often do a better job of cutting things like zip ties or twine.


    • Sealable bags

      Small sandwich bags are useful for putting screws and other hardware in. You can label the bag for later so you know what it goes to. You can also use some packing tape to attach the bag to the piece of furniture it belongs to as well.


    • Felt tip marker

      Labeling your boxes makes unpacking much easier. Use a felt tip marker to write what it in each box, as well as the room it came from.

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